Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is a fun and safe way of achieving a beautiful bronzed tan. It's quick and easy and as there are a number of shades available you have the assurance of knowing you will have the perfect shade for your skin.

We have a portable spray tan tent so you can be tanned in the comfort of your own home, mess free!

With over 7 years experience in spray tanning you are in safe hands with us!


Half Body Spray Tan - £15 (top torso or legs only)
Full Body Spray Tan - £20
Double Spray (any colour) - £25
Spray Tan Parties - £18 per person (min 3 people)

Available in light, medium or dark. Simply leave on for a minimum of 6 hours then shower to reveal the perfect summer glow!

Pre Tanning Advice

Exfoliate the day before tanning

Be careful when exfoliating your face as scrubbing too hard could result in irritated skin which will mean you cannot have a spray tan.

Shave the day before as this will help with the exfoliating process.

If you are going to moisturise do so the day before as doing this on the day may result in a patchy tan.

Most importantly if you have a new piercing, tattoo, a rash or any sort of skin aggravation you must tell the person doing your tan as you will not be able to get it done and will have to re-book for another day.

If you have any queries email or phone your spray tan therapist to avoid any disappointment on the day .

(sales@beautyboudoirwales.co.uk or 07790745869).

Day Of Tan

Remove any makeup, creams or deodorant before your treatment
You may wear a little bit of moisturiser on your knees, feet and elbows - if you do tell the person doing your tan so they are aware

After Care

Wear loose dark clothing

Avoid showering for 6 hours after the spray tan session

Avoid activities which may make you sweat for 6 hours after the spray tan.

To lock in your tan moisturise after your first shower - Dry skin dries up and falls off as dead skin more quickly.

Exfoliate your skin 3 days after your tan but make sure not to scrub too hard.

Please note that sweating after your spray tan may cause streaks so please try to avoid this especially on a hot day. Hormones may cause changes in the tan so if you have recently had a baby please use the contact page for advice on tanning.